Enjoy the summer everybody!

The temperature is rising. The sun is shining. People are crawling out of their wintersleep or depression. More skin. Sweat. Hormones. Beach. Terras. Festival. Beers. BBQ. Sex. O my God, YES, the summer. The summer brings out the best in men. Or the worst hahaha. Here are some summer pics where most of men can … Continued

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Ready 4 the summer?

Are you ready to put on your flip flops, shorts, tanktop? Or a nice light suit, sandals? What is your style comming summer? I’m really into simplicity. Black & white, no prints, sand coloured clothes. H.E. (Mango for men) has a great collection this year: http://shop.mango.com/NL/heren/new Calvin Klein has a great collection this year but … Continued

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