No room for ego’s

Crossfit… Yes, me too. After years and years of pumping, squating, pushing at the gym I was looking for something new. Something that would challenge me even more. Getting leaner, stronger, more flexible but also fighting my bounderies. I was looking for something that challenged me not only physically but also mentally. Well guys, I started crossfit and I assure you, you will find all of these things. It will break you down in a good way and build you up even stronger. I started 3 weeks ago @unscaredcrossfit (Utrecht, Netherlands). My big ego was shocked and crushed, haha. My inner snobby voice who is a fighter and always tells me that I am the best and that I am number one is beginning to fall… ¬†For me Crossfit isn’t about being the best, fastest, being a fucking tough guy but getting the best out of yourself together. It’s about listening to your body, giving 150% and 80% because you have to hold back sometimes. I just got started and my ego is still trying to fuck it up, but I’m happy that Crossfit can shut him up once in a while.

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